Raggedy Ann – The Enchanted Square

Posted: November 27, 2008 in Famous Studios
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I see that at Australia Post they are selling a special Raggedy Ann and Andy gift set to commemorate Raggedy Ann’s 90th birthday. Actually it is 93, as the first doll created by writer Johnny Gruelle in 1915, whilst the first Raggedy Ann story book was published in 1918. (Raggedy Andy was not introduced until 1920!)

Raggedy Ann has appeared in quite a few cartoons over the years, the first being in a 1941 two reeler for the Fleischer studio. She also appeared in two Famous Studios cartoons in the 1940s, an animated feature in the 1970s, and two Chuck Jones holiday TV specials.

This is the Enchanted Square, a 1947 Famous Studios cartoon.

*Did you know that the Raggedy Ann doll was used as a symbol by the anti-vaccination movement. Johnny Gruelle, who created Raggedy Ann for his daughter, Marcella,  suffered a tragedy  when Marcella died at age 13 after being vaccinated at school for smallpox without his consent. The authorities blamed a heart defect, but her parents blamed the vaccination, which is how Raggedy Ann became the symbol of the anti-vaccination movement.

  1. V.E.G. says:

    Raggedy Ann appeared before the Austrian immigrant Charles Bluhdorn bought Famous Studios.

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