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World Animal Day

Posted: October 4, 2008 in Inhumane Humans

Today was World Animal Day and it has been interesting to see how Australians have been celebrating this over the last week or so.On Tuesday in Sydney a dog was found hanging from a tree, whilst on Wednesday another dog in Sydney died after being set on fire. Also on Wednesday a seven year old boy broke into the Alice Springs Reptile Centre to kill the lizards and to feed live animals to the crocodile. (In my opinion the authorities should feed this little waste of space to the hungry croc’!)Just what is happening to this country? How can people be so cruel to animals? This is something I just do not understand. The sad thing is that this sort of behaviour is becoming more and more prevalent in Australian society. In August in Brisbane there were reports of a mother koala and her joey being beaten to death with sticks. Sadly this was not an isolated incident. Last year in Perth there were a number of occasions where kangaroos were shot with arrows.We could say that these are all isolated incidents or that they were all done by kids who are just being kids, but these types of things are increasingly happening and I’d hate to have a neighbour who could participate in these barbaric acts of cruelty regardless of their age. We can all protest about the way the Japanese murder whales, but really something should be done to stop sickos in our own country from the barbaric torture and murder of animals, whether they are pets, zoo animals or our supposedly beloved wildlife.