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Posted: August 3, 2008 in Pablo, Pets
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I wrote about the dodginess of Pets At Peace the other day. At the time when we dealt with them we felt they were compassionate and professional, but since then the story about them dumping pets’ bodies on the outskirts of Bendigo has come out and we’re not so sure. The more I investigate Pets At Peace the dodgier they seem.

The Sydney branch of Pets At Peace is currently in damage control, disowning the Victorian branch and saying that Pets At Peace in Victoria are using the name illegally without the Sydney head offices’ permission. UNFORTUNATELY, up until recently the website of Pets At Peace proudly proclaimed the Victorian branch to be an OFFICIAL FRANCHISE. From what I understand, the Sydney branch and head office of Pets At Peace is owned by Craig Mitchell, who is the son of Geoff Mitchell who runs Pets At Peace in Bendigo. It seems that father and son are now estranged for whatever reason, but for Craig to say that Pets At Peace in Sydney has nothing to do with the franchise in Melbourne is a lie.

As for poor old Geoff, apparently he has been getting death threats. He is still sticking to the claim that the bodies just fell out of the van (on three separate occasions) but this story does not sit well with me. Surely somebody would have noticed the bodies were missing and gone back to look for them. I also find it difficult to believe that the bodies could have fallen out (on three separate occasions) and rolled down an embankment thirty metres from the road. Surely after the first incident they would have fixed the van so that this WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

Even though it looks as though no pets sent for cremation were dumped, just those who were euthanized by vets who then asked Pets At Peace to dispose of the bodies, it looks like Geoff has gone out of business. I am not surprised and I am not sympathetic. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes, but at least own up to them. This is a very sensitive issue and I feel that they have acted unethically. Hopefully this will teach those who are in this business a lesson that they need to be accountable for their actions.

Message board post about dumped bodies being found.
Original story about dumped bodies.
Message board discussion on current Pets At Peace saga.
Story about death threats to Geoff Mitchell.

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  2. Nola says:

    Be alarmed… This man is trying to set up business in Brisbane … There is no way his story about ‘accidently falling out of the van” is true!

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