Pets At Peace – As Seen On Today Tonight

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Pablo, Pets
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In May I blogged about the passing of our beloved Guinea Pig Pablo. Both my partner Priscilla and I were devastated by Pablo’s passing and we have really just only started to get over his death. Unfortunately we are both upset again after watching tonight’s edition of Today Tonight. We chose Pets at Peace to cremate Pablo as they seem to be very understanding of our situation and very caring. The website said that Pets At Peace was started after the owner lost a pet and was horrified that his best friend was cremated together with other pets. He started Pets At Peace so people could be sure that when the ashes of their pet returned home they could be sure that it was actually their pets ashes.

Unfortunately the Melbourne franchise of Pets At Peace that we used, has been caught dumping pets bodies in the bush rather than actually cremating them. The said that this was an isolated incident that occurred when their car was involved in an accident, but their is evidence according to Today Tonight that it has happened at least one more time. This is devastating news and now we can’t help but think that Pablo was dumped rather than cremated as we wished and paid for. (If he was not cremated, then what did we actually pay for?!) I am really angry about all of this and Priscilla is extremely upset. I’m not sure what my next move should be, but I should do something!

The worst thing is that Priscilla asked them several times that he would be cremated and not just thrown out. They reassured her that they would not do something as unethical as that.

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