3AW Breakfast Show

Posted: July 27, 2008 in Media Watch
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Ross Stevenson and John Burns have been entertaining Melbournians for many years, but I am beginning to wonder if they will maintain their ratings dominance that they have held for so long. Whilst they are undoubtedly much better to listen to than the boring ABC or the craptacular FM radio jocks, I find that many of the elements that have made the 3AW football telecast unlistenable have slowly crept in to the show. One thing that I find very annoying is the amount of sound bites and clips that constantly are played and interrupt the banter between Ross and John. This sort of thing seems to be just to keep Ross amused but it really does make listening quite frustrating.

Another thing that I find annoying is Ross’ ‘China Fact’. While I can understand Ross wanting to capitalise on the Olympics being in Beijing and trying to inform and entertain listeners with useless trivia about China, but why does he have to have Kuy Sakamoto’s ‘Sukiyaki’ playing in the background? This song is JAPANESE, not CHINESE. Believe it or not, Japan and China are not the same country, and even though they look the same, Japanese and Chinese people are very different to each other. Surely Ross could have gotten some generic Chinese sounding music rather than a well known Japanese pop song?! At least Ross no longer does his faux ‘Oriental’ voice whilst doing this segment.

While the 3AW Breakfast show still retains their popular ‘Rumour File’ segment, and regular guests such as Sly of the Underworld, they will remain the most listened to radio program in Melbourne.


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