Pay Pain!!!

Posted: July 16, 2008 in Pay Office Blues

One of the benefits of working is that at the end of the fortnight you get paid for all of the hard work that you do. One of the annoying things with the company that I work for is that very often my pay that I receive is incorrect, which means that I have to waste my time ringing up the pay office to get them to fix things up. This week I was not only underpaid by $130, but I did not have anything paid into my superannuation fund, or get the expected 4% pay rise that we were supposed to receive now that the new financial year has started. This is just so frustrating!!!

I acknowledge that the people in the pay office do have a difficult job in coordinating the pay of over 100 employees, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that at least once a month I am underpaid and that I have to get them to fix things up. I should not have to closely examine my payslip every fortnight with a magnifying glass to make sure that everything is correct. It should automatically be correct every time that I am paid. Just imagine what would happen if I did not check my payslip closely every two weeks. Also, I am not the only person whose pay is being messed up every fortnight. Other people have to go through the same ritual as I do so that their pay is fixed as well. This means that there must be something fundamentally wrong either with the people who work in the pay office, or the system that they are using to work out the pays. There should not be so many errors occurring so often. I have heard that they will soon be employing a new system to work out the fortnightly pays. This cannot come too soon.


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