False Advertising!!!

Posted: July 6, 2008 in Misc Thoughts, Shopping
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It’s really annoying when you receive a store catalogue in your mailbox and you see an item that you really want advertised in it, only to find that it is not yet available once you venture to the store. That’s what happened to me today when I went to Target to look for the new to DVD season 1 edition of Get Smart. It was advertised in the current catalogue for $38, but it was not available at Target Melbourne. As it was only released on Thursday, I doubt that it could have sold out in just two days. I am almost certain that the DVD will mysteriously turn up in Target next Thursday after the current sale finishes. By that time it will be priced at $50, its full price.

Stores do this sort of thing all the time. They’ll advertise an item in their catalogue for a cheap price, only to not have any of those items in stock until after the sale finishes. I remember the ACCC saying that they would crack down on this tactic of luring customers into a store with false advertising, but obviously that did not work. A similar thing can be seen in the Big W catalogue where they advertised that they had the 1:18 scale model of the 1966 Batmobile by Hotwheels at $70. I don’t think that this model has even reached the Melbourne Hobby or Comic shops yet and it certainly is not available at Big W at QV (I checked!).

 Whilst on the topic of Target, I am really angry at them at the moment. The other day I paid a store card bill at the Melbourne store and was handed back the wrong change. It was not until 5 minutes after I had left the store that I realised that I had been given the wrong change, when I checked my wallet. I went back to the cashier to let her know what had happened, but of course she said that she remembered giving me the correct change. Her manager said that the best that they could do was to count the amount of money in the register and if it did not add up, they would call me. Naturally they did not do so, as I knew that they would not. As if they would really would admit that they made a mistake! Of course if they had of given me back too much change and I had of alerted them to their mistake they would have gladly admitted their error.


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