Posted: June 14, 2008 in Stuff

I am seething at the moment. Some people really are giving me the shits at the moment. Why do people have to go behind others backs and talk about them? Why do they have to put words in my mouth and tell other people things that I never said? And when I have made it be known that I did not say those things, why is it that people still believe that I said this thing? Why am I not believed yet, someone who is a gossip queen and is known to just make up rumours about others believed? This really has made me upset and I think that I need to speak to the person who started the rumour to let them know that I am unhappy. I will also let them known that if they want to say something about me then to say it to my face rather than to spread rumours around. This is all very childish. I don’t want to have to put up with this rubbish.

I have also had confirmation that the ‘favoured one’ who I mentioned in an earlier post has been backstabbing me. It is ironic that a while ago she said that she would never partake in such rubbish and would defend me if anyone else said something bad against me. Obviously this is not true. I wish this crap would just stop and that the people concerned would grow up and act their age!!!


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