More frustration

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Stuff

Sometimes you just can’t win. Other people mess up yet you’re the one who gets into trouble. I am getting really depressed as well as frustrated, yet what can you do if you are not the favoured one who everyone just adores?! If the favoured one messes up then it’s everyone else who gets the blame, as the favoured one can do no wrong. I do not understand this but this is what happens. It makes me sick but what can I do.

Someone else stuffed up and it affected the way that I had to do my work. I was compromised but I did things to the best of my ability, yet because it was the favoured person, I am the one who gets all the shit dumped onto me. Instead of having someone apologise for their mistake, I have to bear the brunt of everything. It’s not enough that I was put out by someone elses gaffe, but I then am the one who should have expected them to stuff up and work around it. No consideration is taken into account of all the other stuff that I had to do. Then again it seems people never want to give you praise, just shit, unless of course you are the favoured one.


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