Now that I have finally reconnected to the internet (no thanks to AOL), there are a few people that I would like to thank. Firstly, I’d like to thank the City Library here in Melbourne, for allowing me to use their computers whilst mine was out of commission. It is good to have a library where you can access a computer without any fuss. I’d also like to thank Harvey Norman, who are normally rip-off merchants. I purchased a couple of cheap USB flash drives. These 1GB Verbatim drives are only $8 which is pretty good value. I’d also like to finally thank Dell Australia. Ordering the new computer was very simple and it arrived very promptly. We got a lot of free bonus upgrades such as a larger than normal hard drive and a 22’ monitor, as well as a 2 year complete care warranty. We also received a 15 month subscription to the Norton antivirus. We were also able to afford a lot of extra stuff such as the Belkin surge protector, which cost us $50 from Dell. The price of this item in Harvey Norman is $130, so we got a bargain. So to all of those people, thankyou.


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