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Computer Update

Posted: June 26, 2008 in Computer Stuff
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Well I’ve got a printer again. I did not go out and waste my money on a new printer, but got my old computer fixed so that I can still use my old, perfectly good printer. It only cost $100 to fix my old computer at MetroPC in Elizabeth Street Melbourne. All that needed to be done was to have a new power supply installed. Still, after playing around on the old PC I can really tell just how different it is to my new Core 2 Quad machine. The Pentium 4 computer is so slow and it takes ages just to get the thing started up. I suppose that in the month that I’ve had the new machine I’ve gotten used to everything loading up within the blink of an eye.

Anyway, now that I’ve got the printer/scanner working I will try to get some comics scans up on the blog.


Posted: June 17, 2008 in Stuff

I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that there seems to be a number of people who have been spreading untrue rumours about me, as well as knifing me in the back. I have become very depressed about all this rubbish, and I am finding it a little difficult to sleep, due to all the worry. I am trying to make sense of all this and am wondering what I have exactly done to warrant all this crap. What did I do that has so pissed someone off? This has become very high schoolish, which is something I don’t like. People can be so petty and nasty, without justification. I have come to terms that some people just like to trade off gossip, rumour and innuendo and spread it around because there are suckers out there who will take everything they hear regardless of how outlandish it is as gospel. I think I will just try to do what I have always done, which is to be the best person I can be, and leave all the rumours and backstabbing to other people. I have always tried to be empathetic to other people’s needs and to not tread all over other people’s feelings. If others are going to do that I will let them, I won’t stoop to their childish level. They are the one’s who will in the end get found out for the phonies that they really are.

Know It Alls

Posted: June 17, 2008 in Stuff

Don’t you hate know-it-alls? These are people who think they know everything but really know nothing. I had an encounter with one today. This person tried to rudely tell me that something I said was wrong, even though it was not. I think the person who contradicted me feels some need to make me look like an idiot. This person has been the main one who has been screwing things around for me. I sort of feel that this person is due for a fall soon, that their over confidence and obvious fakeness will be their undoing. Only time will tell.

It looks as though the Australian Grand Prix has been saved for at least until 2015. This is a great victory for common sense allows us Melbournians to breathe a sigh of relief. It seems that the recent huffing and puffing by Bernie Ecclestone was all just a lot of hot air aimed at getting us to shift the race to a more European TV friendly time.

I do know that a lot of people in Melbourne will be unhappy with the GP staying for another seven years. These people argue that the race always loses money that can be better spent on hospitals (always with the hospitals). They don’t care about the tourist benefit Melbourne gets when thousands of people trek from interstate and overseas to visit our city for this race. They don’t care about the many millions of people in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East who watch the race and think that maybe Melbourne would be a nice place to spend a vacation. They don’t care about the boost to trade that the GP gives to the restaurants around Albert Park and South Melbourne, as well as those in Lygon Street Carlton, where fans and members of the teams including, the big tipping drivers, like to dine out during Grand Prix week. They don’t care about the amount of money that tourists and teams spend at places like the (evil) casino and just how many people benefit from the GP. They just want it gone because they think that it ruins Albert Park, although most people who are members of the Save Albert Park loonies seem to come from places like Eltham, Greensborough or somewhere else that is miles away from Albert Park. (I’m from South Melbourne by the way!) I doubt that they ever go to Albert Park and if they do they forgot what a run down, horrible dustbowl of a place it was before the Grand Prix arrived.

Accordingy to these brainiacs we can put that GP money, and any other money that the government spends on sporting or cultural events, into hospitals or other such things that they deem appropriate, even if it would make Melbourne a pretty boring place to live. There would be no Moomba, Royal Show, golf, Boxing Day cricket, AFL grand final, live theatre or anything else that gets government money but is nothing but entertainment, but they would not care at all. Or are these hypocrites just concerned at money going to events they don’t like, such as the Grand Prix?!


Posted: June 14, 2008 in Misc Thoughts

I’m a sucker. The other day I entered a free internet based competition where I would be sent an SMS to tell me if I had won a prize. To enter this competition I had to give the company my mobile phone number.

Since then I have had six text messages from this company. Worse still is that each text message has cost me $2.50. When I gave the company my number there was nothing written down telling me they would do this. Still, I should have known better.

I have since cancelled my subscription to this dodgy service, but that still cost me 50 cents to do. I feel like such a fool!


Posted: June 14, 2008 in Stuff

I am seething at the moment. Some people really are giving me the shits at the moment. Why do people have to go behind others backs and talk about them? Why do they have to put words in my mouth and tell other people things that I never said? And when I have made it be known that I did not say those things, why is it that people still believe that I said this thing? Why am I not believed yet, someone who is a gossip queen and is known to just make up rumours about others believed? This really has made me upset and I think that I need to speak to the person who started the rumour to let them know that I am unhappy. I will also let them known that if they want to say something about me then to say it to my face rather than to spread rumours around. This is all very childish. I don’t want to have to put up with this rubbish.

I have also had confirmation that the ‘favoured one’ who I mentioned in an earlier post has been backstabbing me. It is ironic that a while ago she said that she would never partake in such rubbish and would defend me if anyone else said something bad against me. Obviously this is not true. I wish this crap would just stop and that the people concerned would grow up and act their age!!!

The Sydney Kings have been expelled from the National Basketball League just a few months after losing the playoffs for the title to the Melbourne Tigers. How can a team that has been so successful over the last five or so years, winning three championships and coming runner up last year, go bankrupt and now cease to exist? How can a successful team in Australia’s biggest city go down the tubes so quickly? I don’t understand all this, but the NBL looks to be in a lot of strife, with the Brisbane Bullets, champions two years ago, also looking to be in trouble.

A dozen years ago the NBL was at the peak of its popularity but it has since really struggled, losing free to air television coverage and sponsorship. I think that the reason why things have gone so badly has been the move from a winter season to a summer season. This was done so as to avoid a clash with AFL football, but it has not been a very popular move. In Melbourne we have had lots of teams disappear and the new South East Dragons have been struggling to gain any popularity. Fortunately the Tigers remain strong.

I stopped following the NBL a few years ago when the North Melbourne Giants were taken over by the South East Melbourne Magic to form the Melbourne Titans. The Titans were supposed to be the strongest team in the league and it did win a couple of championships, but Giants fans felt alienated and never supported the new team. I don’t even think that Magic fans supported the Titans either. I think that they got fed up with their club constantly taking over or merging with other teams, since the Magic was originally made up of the Eastside Melbourne Spectres and the Southern Melbourne Saints. I think that the Magic taking over the Giants, who were their great rivals, was perhaps the final straw for supporters of both of the clubs.

Other moves by the NBL don’t seem to have worked either. I don’t know why they want to expand into New Zealand or Singapore when they cannot even sustain a team in Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra (the Canberra Canons who won many titles in the 80s and 90s disappeared many years ago!). If you have successful teams like the Kings, Bullets, Canons and Titans disappearing despite winning titles, what hope is there for less successful teams?

If I was in charge of the NBL I would have a complete restructure of the league similar to the way that the A-League soccer did a few years ago. I would include twelve teams into the league, with teams from Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide (the 36ers), Melbourne (Tigers), Perth (Wildcats), Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast (Taipans), Newcastle, Hobart, Geelong (the Dragons could relocate here), Darwin (the Crocodiles could relocate here) and Canberra. This way the strong clubs will remain and there will be teams in all of the major regions of Australia.

Games could be alternated between some cities. The Sunshine Coast team could alternate home games between Cairns and Townsville. The Geelong team could play home games in Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat. The Hobart team could play games in Hobart and Launceston, while the Darwin team could play in both Darwin and Alice Springs. (If they really want to play games overseas, the Darwin team could play a few home games in Singapore or the Hobart team could play a few games in New Zealand.) The Canberra team could play games in Canberra, Illawarra and in Wollongong. Taking games to regional centres could help to establish the game in those areas. Big sporting events never come to many of these towns so this could help to renew the NBL’s popularity. It can’t hurt!

Over on Ebay there is a model sheet of Donald’s cousin, Gus Goose up for auction. It is very nice to look at and quite interesting in that it makes a reference to Wolfgang ‘Wooley’ Reitherman, one of Disney’s famed ‘Nine Old Men’! The asking price is just $50, which is very cheap for something this nice looking.

We have made the decision to go broadband. It probably won’t be for a little while, but we will eventually do it. There are a few things that we have to do first, before we go broadband. Firstly we need to get a modem and it has to be one that is not only compatible with Windows Vista, but one that is supported by Primus AOL.

I’d really like to get a Netcomm modem. We used to have an old Netcomm dial up modem when we got our first computer and found it to be very good. Netcomm have a very good reputation, so I’d like to stick with them.

Now to see which modems are compatible with Primus AOL. The Netcomm NB1200 is compatible, and is a cheap modem, available in Office Works in Elsternwick for less than $30. Unfortunately because this is an old modem it is not Vista compatible. Doh!!! I am still wondering why we upgraded to Vista!

The Netcomm NB5 modem is another one that is compatible with Primus AOL. It costs $97 at Office Works, so it’s not that expensive. However there are two versions of the NB5, the NB5Plus4 and the NB5Plus4W. These can be either revision 1 or revision 2 versions, with only the revision 2 version being compatible with Vista. Revision 1 units will not work with Vista as they have an older chipset in them which is not compatible with Vista. Revision 2 units will work fine with the drivers listed above as they have a different version of the chipset in them. So hopefully if and when I go to Office Works to buy the Netcomm NB4 modem it will be a revision 2 version. (My luck they will only have revision 1!)

The next thing I have to do is settle on an internet plan. I will stick with Primus AOL, despite all the grief they have given me over the years. The Primus phone plan we are on is just too good to get rid of. I like the ADSL+2 Starter plan where I get 2GB of downloads for $35. (This is just $5 a month more than the current dial up plan I am on!) One thing that I like is that there is no excess data charge as the download speed is reduced if monthly data allowance is exceeded. There are other plans that charge you extra if you go over your download limit. We were once stung by this type of thing a long time ago (12 years) when we first got dial up.

Before we get broadband I will still have to do a little bit more investigation.

Office Politics

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Stuff

A lot of people have gotten on my nerves lately. I am fed up with office politics even though I have vowed not to get caught up with it. Then again, I think that those people who like screwing around and making up rumours and gossip like to especially get those people who are the least likely to get involved, involved. I will try to keep my mouth buttoned, just so people cannot take the things I say out of context and screw them around. I also vow not to backstab anyone, even if they really deserve it.