AOL is rubbish

Posted: May 17, 2008 in AOL Australia, Computer Stuff, Internet

As I have ordered a new computer, I thought that I should ring my ISP AOL, to get a new start up disk so that my new computer will be able to access the internet as soon as it arrives. Good idea?! Well that was the plan. I rang Primus AOL on Thursday, only to discover that AOL Australia does nopt have a start up disk available for computers that use Windows Vista. HUH! 99.99% of all new computers use Vista and it has been out for over a year, yet Primus AOL users who want to upgrade to Vista cannot do so because Primus AOL does not support Vista. I now have to go to AOL’s US website to download the AOL program, but if there are any bugs with it I am basically stuffed. I have thought about getting a new ISP for a while, but did not want to have to go through all the hassle of changing my email address. I also have Primus as my telephone company, which means because my phone and internet are bundled together, I get cheaper phone calls. I am now looking for a new ISP because I am fed up with how much rubbish I have to go through.


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