R.I.P Pablo

Posted: May 8, 2008 in Pablo, Pets

Yesterday I woke to some very upsetting news. My friend for the last six years, Pablo, passed away. Pablo was my pet guinea pig and while he may just be a little animal, I loved him a lot. My partner Priscilla is absolutely devastated. She has been in tears ever since yesterday morning and she is not coping at all. She liked to turn to Pablo for company when I was away at work (I do shift work) and she feels extremely lonely now that he has gone. I don’t think that she has fully comprehended that he has truly gone away. She keeps telling me that he is never coming back and that she now has a void in her heart that she just cannot fill. It will take a long time for both of us to get over Pablo’s passing and that will will never here his little squeaks or see his happy face again. I think that I will miss him a lot, especially the times where I give him pats under his chin before I go to work.

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