Flebus – Terrytoons Cartoon

Posted: March 3, 2008 in Animation, Terrytoons
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I am not really all that familiar with the mid-1950s Terrytoon cartoons. This was the time where Paul Terry had sold the studio to CBS and they got Gene Dietch to try to put the shambolic mess that Terry had left back together. From what I have read, it was a difficult time and there were a lot of conflicts between the old guard of Terry animators and the young blood that Dietch brought in, but the results are that this was perhaps the most creative period in Terrytoons’ entire history.

Ernie Pintoff’s Flebus is a cartoon that I had heard a lot about but until recently never seen. This cartoon uses the UPA limited animation style, which was a contrast to the old style, fully animated style of cartoons that Terrytoons had previously been making. This cartoon also features the work of legendary animator Jim Tyer.


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