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I thought that I would do an update for this week. I have been quite busy this week but I fear that my life is about to get a lot busier. Next month I am going to be undertaking a new Open University subject with Monash University. It is another unit in the post-graduate linguistics course that I started early last year.

Browsing through the course guide the unit does not too difficult, but it will be very time consuming as there is a great deal of information for me to get through and I have to conduct a number of surveys, including one that needs to be tape recorded. (I have two month sto do this one but already I am anxious that I won’t be able to find two or more people who will be willing to do this!)

I think that I may as well post updates here on my course and about the things that I learn and how I go about organising those darn surveys, including the dreaded ‘tape recorder’ one. I think that in the next couple of days I will go through the course outline more thoroughly and then write about what exactly I have to do.

As well as this new unit of study that I am undertaking, I will of course continue to work full time. I still need to pay the bills and put food on the table and I cannot do this if I do not work. I have to try to organise everything around my work schedule. There is one week where I am at work pretty much 7 days straight (Saturday – Friday) and another week where I only work 3 days in a row (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday). Unfortunately I am currently in the full on week, but do get a little time to myself to do stuff like blogging or reading or watching TV or just generally having a life!

Looking on Ebay in the last few weeks I saw some Ferdinand the Bull model sheets up for sale. I believe that the model sheets are all copies of the originals, but they still look good to me. As I have said earlier, Ferdinand is one of my favourite cartoons.

I am not really all that familiar with the mid-1950s Terrytoon cartoons. This was the time where Paul Terry had sold the studio to CBS and they got Gene Dietch to try to put the shambolic mess that Terry had left back together. From what I have read, it was a difficult time and there were a lot of conflicts between the old guard of Terry animators and the young blood that Dietch brought in, but the results are that this was perhaps the most creative period in Terrytoons’ entire history.

Ernie Pintoff’s Flebus is a cartoon that I had heard a lot about but until recently never seen. This cartoon uses the UPA limited animation style, which was a contrast to the old style, fully animated style of cartoons that Terrytoons had previously been making. This cartoon also features the work of legendary animator Jim Tyer.