Melbourne’s Ticket Inspectors

Posted: February 16, 2008 in Melbourne

Yesterday a posse of ticket inspectors got onto a tram to check for tickets. As they always do, they seemed to focus most of their attention onto foreign looking passengers. This time it was a couple of young Indian guys who had come to Melbourne in January, to study at university as international students. These guys thought that they were entitled to concession tickets because they were students and because overseas students are eligible to concession tickets in all state except Victoria. Unfortunately for them, the salivating pack of ticket inspectors did not have any sympathy for the young guy’s plight, they do have a quota of fines that they have to fill out you know!

You would think that any reasonable person would give these guys a warning and make them buy the correct tickets. However, as we have seen time and time again, ticket inspectors are not usually reasonable people. All six inspectors crowded around these two guys to give them a fine and I suppose to humiliate them as much as they could. I think that the ticket inspectors just saw these two guys as an easy target.


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