Kylie Minogue on Sunrise

Posted: January 13, 2008 in Australian TV
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I saw a promo on Channel 7 today that Kylie Minogue is going to be appearing on the Sunrise TV show on Monday. No, she will not be appearing live via satellite from London, but will be in Sydney Australia. So, she has not forgotten that Australia exists! I am not a fan of Ms. Minogue and it really grates on me that she has a faux English accent and that she spends all her time in England. She will appear at a British function or on a British TV show a the drop of a hat, yet rarely appears in her country of birth. It really annoys be that she has gone out of her way to lose the accent. Russell Crowe still has his Aussie accent as does Hugh Jackman. They don’t go out of their way to sound un-Aussie.

But no everyone dislikes Kylie as much as I do, which can be seen by one of the comments left on the Sunrise website.

Fantastic to see Kylie doing Sunrise on Monday. Everyone in Australia must be delighted to have such an iconic and diplomatic ambassador – she’s a true role model, an inspiration, an awesome performer who brings so much pleasure to millions!!

Iconic? Diplomatic? WTF! She is a pop singer who mimes her songs and has a famous arse (Although, J-Lo’s arse is much more famous than Kylie’s!). Sure, some of her songs are OK but I don’t think she is an inspiration or an awesome performer. Some people really need to get out more and listen to some decent music.


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