Postcards can be a fairly cheap and attractive form of animation art. Many people like collecting all sorts of postcards and here are some animation related ones.

This Melbourne one was released earlier this year by Australia Post. There were a number of Disney postcards released that featured all the main cities and tourist destination of Australia, but this was undoubtedly the best one.
This postcard of the film poster of the Band Concert was a free insert with the DVD of Walt Disney Treasures Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume 1.

This Porky postcard was/is available from the Warner Bros. shop at Crown Casino in Melbourne. It is one of my favourites, featuring all the lobby posters of Porky’s and was made by Clampett Studios.

“Hello Breakfast!” This is another postcard that I bought from the Warner Bros. shop.

Above are a couple of the nicer Betty Boop postcards that can be found on Ebay.

This Astroboy postcard I bought from the National Gallery of Victoria last year when they had the Tezuka exhibition on.

  1. Ryan says:

    Hi, love your Fleischer posters, do you collect Fleischer? I have a very large Fleischer collection and I put a link to my site for you to look at. Do you know how many Gulliver posters they made? Im looking for the posters, and lobby cards. I am also lookiung for any posters from Fleischer cartoons. Do you know of any Mr Bug lobby cards, I am missing 4 of them ton complete my set. Would really like to hear from you. Thanks Ryan

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