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Everyone in Melbourne by now knows that former North Melbourne football captain Wayne Carey is in big trouble with the police in both the United States and Australia. While I don’t think that it is appropriate to comment on that, I will comment on the way Today Tonight handled this story on tonight’s show. It was sickening at how they not only reported the downfall of Carey, but seemed to be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of him being jailed. Worst still, the made a big fuss about former Stingers star Kate Kendall attending a party at Carey’s house where a minuscule amount of cocaine was found. It was implied by the reporter that by somehow attending a party where there were drugs, shock, horror, that she must have been stoned out of her mind, even though there was no proof that she had taken the drugs, just that she attended the party.

This almost reminds me of the American TV reporter who was almost orgasmic the other day when reporting of Britney Spears latest drama. The only way this jerk could have been any happier was if Britney had committed suicide. Personally I think that there is a sick fascination with seeing celebrities go off the rails. Just a week ago a quality magazine like The Bulletin was axed, yet there are more women’s gossip magazines than ever before. It seems like every week yet another one of these pieces of trash hits the news stands. Ugh!

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Posted: January 23, 2008 in Misc Thoughts

At the moment I am a bit disillusioned by the way my career is currently going. For various reasons I feel a bit worn out and feel that I need a new challenge and should move on soon. However I will need to put some time into redoing my resume as it is probably a lot like the Pink Panther’s one in the above comic strip.

I saw a promo on Channel 7 today that Kylie Minogue is going to be appearing on the Sunrise TV show on Monday. No, she will not be appearing live via satellite from London, but will be in Sydney Australia. So, she has not forgotten that Australia exists! I am not a fan of Ms. Minogue and it really grates on me that she has a faux English accent and that she spends all her time in England. She will appear at a British function or on a British TV show a the drop of a hat, yet rarely appears in her country of birth. It really annoys be that she has gone out of her way to lose the accent. Russell Crowe still has his Aussie accent as does Hugh Jackman. They don’t go out of their way to sound un-Aussie.

But no everyone dislikes Kylie as much as I do, which can be seen by one of the comments left on the Sunrise website.

Fantastic to see Kylie doing Sunrise on Monday. Everyone in Australia must be delighted to have such an iconic and diplomatic ambassador – she’s a true role model, an inspiration, an awesome performer who brings so much pleasure to millions!!

Iconic? Diplomatic? WTF! She is a pop singer who mimes her songs and has a famous arse (Although, J-Lo’s arse is much more famous than Kylie’s!). Sure, some of her songs are OK but I don’t think she is an inspiration or an awesome performer. Some people really need to get out more and listen to some decent music.

Postcards can be a fairly cheap and attractive form of animation art. Many people like collecting all sorts of postcards and here are some animation related ones.

This Melbourne one was released earlier this year by Australia Post. There were a number of Disney postcards released that featured all the main cities and tourist destination of Australia, but this was undoubtedly the best one.
This postcard of the film poster of the Band Concert was a free insert with the DVD of Walt Disney Treasures Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume 1.

This Porky postcard was/is available from the Warner Bros. shop at Crown Casino in Melbourne. It is one of my favourites, featuring all the lobby posters of Porky’s and was made by Clampett Studios.

“Hello Breakfast!” This is another postcard that I bought from the Warner Bros. shop.

Above are a couple of the nicer Betty Boop postcards that can be found on Ebay.

This Astroboy postcard I bought from the National Gallery of Victoria last year when they had the Tezuka exhibition on.