Thankyou Sky News Australia

Posted: December 20, 2007 in Australian TV
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This morning on Sky News Australia they reported on who won Survivor China. This is all very well and good, except that here in Australia only four episodes of this show has been screened and we won’t be seeing the season finale until around February 2008. Then again, perhaps I should not be angry at Sky News for reporting this story, but at Channel 9 for not showing the show until now that it has finished screening in America. I have now lost all interest in this season of Survivor thanks to 9.

I could make a snide remark about how this is the reason why Channel 9 is no longer the number 1 station in Australia, except that Network 7 are even worse. A couple of weeks ago 7 started screening the Amazing Race with little fan fare at all. I cannot remember seeing any advertisements for it in the lead up to the first show, which I ended up missing. Not only that, but the season of the Amazing Race that we are seeing was screened in America a year ago before the Amazing Race All Stars season that we have already seen.

The three Australian commercial networks (I include Channel 10 for their woeful coverage of the Formula 1) really need to improve their game with stuff like this. In this day and age of satellites and the internet it does not take much for us to get the information about when these shows are on in the States. This is the reason why Bit Torrents and the illegal downloading of American television shows are popular in Australia.


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