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It’s been ages since I’ve talked about anything comics related. Unfortunately I haven’t felt that there has been much to talk about on that front in the last few months. Both Marvel and DC have had their giant crossover storylines with Civil War and 52, that seem to be more about making money than telling a good story. They have done this by killing off as many favourite characters as possible, as experienced by the recent death of Captain America at Marvel and the Elongated Man, the Question and Booster Gold at DC. Thankfully Booster only faked his death, yet with DC’s new Countdown book set to take over when 52 ends, we already find Jimmy Olsen and Mary Marvel under threat.

But the deaths of fictional characters seem to pale to insignificance when a real person passes on. Artist Marshall Rogers, who is perhaps best remembered for his work on Detective Comics, Dr Strange, Silver Surfer and Mister Miracle, passed away in the last 24 hours. His work on Detective Comics with writer Steve Englehart is fondly remembered as some of the best Batman stories ever told. These stories from 1977 have thankfully been collected in trade paperback form by DC in Batman: Strange Apparitions and the 2005 follow up Batman: Dark Detective and I thoroughly recommend both books. Marshall was only 57.

News of Marshall Rogers death

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Marshall’s death follows from the death of Dave Cockrum in November. Dave also worked on Batman during the 1980s, but is perhaps best known for his run on X Men. Just last week writer Arnold Drake, creator of Doom Patrol and Deadman (one of my favourite characters) also passed away. It really has been a tough few months for comic book fans.

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