Batman Writers – Bill Finger

Posted: September 24, 2006 in Batman, DC Comics


Bill Finger’s contributions to the creation of Batman have only recently be acknowledged. I really don’t want to go on about the many ways in which Bob Kane stole all the credit for Batman. Even up until the 1965 he claimed that he was the sole creator, artist and even writer on Batman. (He never wrote a single story!!!) It is perhaps no accident that I haven’t yet featured any information on Kane, as I am so far undecided to the exact extent of his contribution to Batman.

Bill Finger is perhaps my favourite Batman writer of the Golden and Silver Ages of Comic Books. Any Batman story that featured a giant prop you could guarantee was written by Bill Finger. 

Wikipedia article on Bill Finger

The Bat Squad article on Bill Finger

Superhero Hype thread with fans thoughts on Bill Finger

The Forgotten Hero Of Batman

The Bob Kane Letter to Batmania – September 14, 1965, where Kane claims himself to be the sole creator of Batman.

The Origin of Batman online comic by Bill Finger & Bob Kane.


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