The Batman – What were they thinking?!

Posted: September 13, 2006 in Batman, DC Comics, Hall Of The Lame, The Joker



You may not be aware of this, but there is a new Batman cartoon series on TV. Fortunately it can only be seen by those who have pay TV because it is truly awful.

I am talking about The Batman, which currently screens on Cartoon Network. This is not Batman: The Animated Series, which is 100% superior to this rubbish. I’ve had the misfortune to watch a couple of episodes of The Batman and it seems as if it is just another cartoon. The storylines are nothing special, but one thing I cannot get over is the horrible, horrible character designs. The above picture is apparently supposed to be The Joker. Really, it is! I know that it looks nothing at all like the Clown Prince of Crime, but that is who it is meant to be. The designs of other Bat characters, such as The Penguin and The Riddler are also awful and bear little resemblence to the way they have been drawn for the last 60 years. The person who designed these versions of the characters must have been smoking copious amounts of illegal substances to even think that they look in any way like the characters that they are meant to be.

Now, I may just be a dsigruntled fan boy or a silly old fart. I don’t think I am in the target demographic for The Batman. But I still wonder whether any child out there would even watch this trash. Who knows!

This also gets me to another rant. What are Warner Home Video doing in regards to the Batman: The Animated Series dvd box sets? I believe that only season 1 has been released in Australia and even that is extremely difficult to find. I had to buy these off Amazon. It was a great show and I think any child who loves Batman would want to see these shows, which is probably more than can be said for The Batman. Batman: The Animated Series is also a cartoon that those of us over the age of 16 can watch and enjoy.


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